Available games

Using real dice and a tabletop computer-aid (eg tablet browser) all players throw dice together after a "Ready, steady, roll!"

  • Open-ended
  • Co-operative
  • Player-facing
  • Simultaneous resolution of action
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The Commonwealth spanned a thousand light years. Yet losing the local jump-gate reinvented money. Now even comms cost cash. So the young pilot keeps his message short. “Hi Honey. I miss our life before the Navy. I wish I’d stayed freelance and never ‘volunteered’ for counter-espionage. Everyone’s become so suspicious since The Attack. But reputation still opens doors and I found gangsters plotting to ransom our new gate so I’m trying to stop them. Happy hunting.”

Time passes faster for his girlfriend travelling near the speed of light. She’ll jump straight home after reaching the next star towards the core – assuming nobody blows up the gate again – but he’ll still appear decades older. Her ship holds one end of the first wormhole constructed for centuries, and everyone knows the vital importance of rebuilding the gate. What kind of enemy appears from nowhere, strikes a devastating blow, and vanishes?

Spy drones slink forward as he copies his brain-state. Via the distant wormhole on his sweetheart’s ship his censored message plays. “Hi Honey … beep …  Happy hunting.”

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